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What Rich Dad, Poor Dad Forgot to Tell You

I'm sure you've heard about Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad . It's helped millions of people imagine a life of financial freedom, where they can quit work and live off passive income.

Now, Rich Dad, Poor Dad has some great ideas. And I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Kiyosaki. But there's a HUGE problem with his #1 wealth-building recommendation--a problem that nearly ruined my life.

Here's what Mr. Kiyosaki forgot to tell you about building passive income:

Most people dismiss the idea of owning an apartment building.

❌ They think it's out of their reach OR...

❌ They need gobs of their own money for a down payment OR...

❌ It requires a special real estate license or years of experience.

But that couldn't be further from the truth.


You Can Buy Apartment Building With No Downpayment and Zero Experience

(and no rich uncle, either)

The "experts" love to tell you
to invest in single family homes...

But there's just ONE problem.

Investing in single family homes will NOT make you financially free.

Especially in today's real estate market, where high prices and high interest rates are squeezing margins to nearly zero.

Even if everything works out, you would need to own 50+ single family homes to make $10,000 a month in passive income.

And managing that portfolio, even with help, is more than a full-time job.

But you don't have to do any of that.

Because I'm going to show you much better, faster, and easier way to achieve financial freedom through real estate:

Apartment buildings.

And with my proven blueprint, you can get started with no experience and no down payment.

Hi, I’m Michael Blank, and I’ve helped over a thousand people buy their first apartment building, hundreds quit their job, and countless more achieve financial freedom through buying apartments.

Introducing Your Ticket To Financial Freedom:

The Apartment Investing 101 Masterclass

How To Become Financially Free with Real Estate In As Little as 180 Days ... Without Experience or Your Own Cash

This FREE training will give you my proven blueprint to buying your first apartment building in as little as 180 days. As you go through each module, you'll discover...

  • The Ultimate Truth on how Apartment Buildings are the #1 Way To Become Financially Free with Real Estate

  • Our proven step-by-step system to become financially free with real estate in as little as 180 days, even without experience or cash

  • How Multifamily is the best-investing strategy in up and down markets

Here’s what you get when you secure your FREE access:

Module 1:
How “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Ruined My Life

Real estate investing has been marketed as a surefire way to become financially free…

But for most single-family investors that never happens.

In this module, I'll explain how I discovered this fact the hard way--and what you can do instead.

✅ How “Rich Dad Poor Dad” ruined my life

✅ Why single family home investing won’t get you there

✅ How I learned that apartments are the ONLY way

Module 2:

How To Make $10,000 a Month With One Apartment Building

Right now is the best time in history to invest in apartments. Rents have soared nationwide. Interest rates are still near historic lows.

And unlike most investments, apartments actually benefit from high inflation!

In this module, you'll discover how to take advantage of this historic opportunity--and why it can let you make $10,000 a month in passive income from ONE building.

✅ The hard numbers that prove anyone can make $10,000/month from ONE deal

✅ The top 3 apartment investing mistakes even smart people make (and how to avoid them)

✅ How to do your first deal in the next 180 days

Module 3:
The Deal Maker Blueprint to Closing Your First Deal

The Deal Maker Blueprint is an in-depth, comprehensive system that will help you achieve your financial goals.

This proven approach has help over 41,000 people buy their first apartment building.

And I'm going to show you exactly how it works, walking you through the entire system step-by-step.

✅ Become financially free in as little as 180 days

✅ Clear, step-by-step instructions to closing your first deal

✅ 1000's of people have already done it

Module 4:

The 4 Secrets to Closing Your First Deal in 180 Days

Helping people from all walks of life close their first deal is what we do best.

In this module, I share the 4 secrets you must know to help make your

dream of owning an apartment a reality...

Even if you lack experience and don't have your own money to invest.

✅ Get started with ease and eliminate the guesswork

✅ Get brokers to take you seriously and call you back

✅ Raise all the money you need with confidence

Backed By Real World Results


. . . and start investing with CONFIDENCE!

Our mission is to help over 1,000 families achieve financial freedom in 2023.

We're committed to this mission and this training will give you the tools to get started today.

The Apartment Investing 101 Masterclass is based on the same strategies I share with my private $30,000-a-year mentoring students. But this is an entirely NEW training, designed specifically to help people who are new to apartment investing.

You'll get my most up-to-date commentary on the market, exclusive content, and the best multifamily investment training available. And you'll get it at a special price.

The Apartment Investing 101 Masterclass normally sells for $397

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Don't pass this up. Get ahead and build something special for your family.

Guaranteed Lifetime Access

I stand by all of my training programs, and my team and I update them regularly to make sure the strategies and tactics are appropriate for the current real estate market.

When you claim your FREE Masterclass, you'll get lifetime access to all modules and training material, as well as any updated versions we release in the future.

You'll get the information you need to buy your first apartment building in 180 days, no downpayment or real estate experience required...

PLUS any future updates to this valuable Masterclass...

FREE of charge and with no strings attached.

Meet Bruce from Texas. He was brand new to apartment investing and didn't have enough cash for a downpayment, either. But using the blueprint I share in this Masterclass, Bruce closed his first deal for 134 units.

And he didn't stop there. Using the same strategies, Bruce locked in another 110-unit deal just two weeks later.

Today, he owns a successful multifamily syndication business, and enjoys $15,000 a month in predictable, steady income from his portfolio.

But Bruce is just one example. Over the last decade, I've helped over 41,000 students acquire over $1.5 billion worth of multifamily real estate.

Like Bruce, many of them started with no experience an no downpayment. But using the step-by-step plan and proven strategies in this Masterclass, they were able to create a life of total financial freedom.

And now it's your turn.


Option 1

Focus on single-family homes, trading hours for dollars as you try to create passive income in this high-cost, high interest rate environment

Option 2

Keep trying to do everything on your own, wasting time and money trying to figure out how to do your first apartment deal

Option 3

Accept this FREE offer and get my tested blueprint to buying your first apartment building in the next 180 days, even if you have no downpla zero experience.

Get Instant Access Today!!

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Take advantage of the biggest wealth-building opportunity of the last 50 years before it's too late.

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